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About Us

If you're looking for a family-friendly environment with the finest martial arts instruction available, come see what we can do for you!  
Named "School of the Year" and "Instructor of the Year" by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, we are a family owned and operated school dedicated to helping each and every one of our students reach their personal best.  One size does not fit all and we don't believe that learning should be force-fit.  The world of traditional martial arts can be intimidating with its odd customs, strange attire and unrecognizable terminology.  Let us guide you every step of the way, and you'll see how awesome your learning experience can be!

  • Exceptional Martial Arts training
  • World class instructors
  • Personal, family-friendly environment
  • Convenient, flexible schedule with unbeatable attendance policy
  • Clean, modern school with safe, up-to-date equipment and gear
  • Spacious, comfortable viewing lounge with complimentary coffee
  • Ample, free off-street parking
  • Easy to reach location 1/2 block south of Sunrise Hwy
  • Family discounts
  • All current belt ranks honored for transfer students


    Ages 5 and UP
    Traditional Shotokan Karate, taught in a modern way. Come experience the "Shunato Difference" and see for yourself why we were named "School of the Year!"
    Karate, Kickboxing, Self Defense, Personal Training
    Private lessons available by appointment. Reach your personal goals in an exclusive, private setting, with world-class trainers. Karate, Kickboxing, Self Defense, Personal Training. All ages 5 and Up. Contact us today.

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Our Students

  1. "I really couldn't have hoped to find a better dojo for my children to learn in! Friendly, family-like environment with amazing teachers and assistants! I not only credit Shunato with my children's increased knowledge of karate, but also for an increase in maturity and respect. I'm so happy here!"
  2. "Having come from another karate school, I can compare to what is out there. Shunato is hands down a great school. Students are trained by great instructors and are truly like a family where each one pulls for the other. This is a real dojo dedicated to karate principles of honor and respect."
  3. "Sensei Kato and staff are very personable. I learn something new every class. The studio is clean and well-equipped. Very experienced and encouraging instructor!"
  4. "Kato and Tina are the owners & operators. They'll treat you like family! Friendly atmosphere, great fitness classes for all levels and the karate is exceptional!"
  1. StriKe Team
    StriKe Team
    Our award-winning "StriKe Team" competes year-round. Students have the opportunity to meet new martial arts friends, challenge themselves to reach for new goals, and to be part of something truly special.
  2. Emphasis is on EFFORT
    Emphasis is on EFFORT
    While our competitive tournament team knows we stress that all emphasis be placed on effort and sportsmanship, our StriKe Team members continue to impress with win after win.
  3. All ages, all ranks
    All ages, all ranks
    Our StriKe Team is a tryout based team open to all ages and ranks. Only the most dedicated students who are willing to put in the time and effort to become their very best make it onto the team.
  4. Hard Work Yields Results
    Hard Work Yields Results
    With dozens of 1st Place wins in all divisions, we couldn't be more proud of our team. More importantly, we are recognized by judges repeatedly for our respectful competitors and positive attitude.
  5. One Big Family
    One Big Family
    Our team members support each other at every tournament. The life lessons they learn are more important to us than the trophies they collect.
  6. Find your limits. Demolish them.
    Find your limits. Demolish them.
    We encourage our students to set high goals, work to reach them, reassess and then strive for more! No one says it's going to be easy, but it will be worth it!
You Can Expect Certain Things
You can expect that you'll be welcomed into a warm, nurturing, diverse family of people who come from every walk of life.  Our differences make us stronger as we learn from each other and grow together in our study of martial arts.  You can count on an inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere where we respect each other at all times, and we look to build each other up with positive reinforcement.  

At Shunato Karate, you can be assured that we have high expectations of our students.  We absolutely insist on good effort and a willingness to learn.  You can expect that we will provide you with world-class instructors, with decades of experience, who want to share all of their knowledge with you!

You can expect to work hard.  You can expect to have fun!  You can expect that strength, concentration, fitness and confidence will soar.  You can count on focus, listening skills, self-discipline and the "Yes I CAN!" attitude to become second nature.

You can count on the fact that we do not play games when it comes to our tuition.  We are in the business of teaching martial arts.  We are not in used car sales.  Have you called a few martial arts schools and asked how much training costs?  Only to be told that you'd have to come in and see their "amazing" facility, and that your child will be able to get a wonderful, free private lesson (TRANSLATION: SALES PITCH) before you hear a price?  Why is that?  It doesn't make sense to us.

If you call us, we will tell you our prices over the phone.  You know why?  Because our price is our price.  Unlike some other schools, our price doesn't change based on what you look like when you walk through our door.  It doesn't change because we feel the need to wheel and deal, desperate to sign every student.  If we are a good fit for you, we want you to join our school and to be happy here.  Our tuition is competitively priced with other martial arts schools in Baldwin, Oceanside, Rockville Centre, Bellmore and Merrick.  Karate costs about the same as gymnastics, dance, hockey, baseball, basketball, etc.  We know.  We have five kids.  

You can probably find a martial arts school who is willing to "BEAT OUR PRICE!" or who stays open 24 hours a day, everyday.  Our feeling is that if our competitors think they should charge less, they are the best judges of what their services are worth.  Our tuition prices are very reasonable, our Family Plan prices are outstanding and our attendance policy is unbeatable.  

Quite simply, when you train at Shunato Karate, you can expect the best.