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7th Degree Black Belt, Shotokan
Owner/Chief Instructor
"Instructor of the Year" - Awarded by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Recipient "Diamond Lifetime Contributions Award"

In 1970, Master Peragine began his study under Master Toyotaro Miyazaki at the legendary Tokutai Dojo in Flushing, NY.  He went on to hold championship titles in Kata, Kumite, Weapons and Breaking.

In addition to Shotokan, he has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aiki-Jitsu, Judo, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, grappling, ground fighting, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kempo, traditional and modern weapons, and was a Golden Gloves Boxer.  He is a Certified COBRA Self Defense Instructor and has over 40 years teaching experience.  

In 2016, he received the "Diamond Lifetime Contributions Award" from Action Martial Arts Magazine, and in 2014 the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame named him "Instructor of the Year."

Master Peragine has continued to compete in order to lead his students by example.  He recently took Grand Champion in the NY Challenge, 1st Place Weapons and 1st Place Self Defense.  He also competed in 2016 at The War on the Shore, and took 1st Place Weapons and 1st Place Kata with ALL judges awarding near-perfect scores of 8.99 out of a possible 9 in both events.  At the 2015 New York State Grand Championships, he was awarded 1st Place Weapons and 1st Place Self Defense.

He is a proud father of five: Michael, Joey, Christian, Mason and Natalie Rose.

Sensei Omar Holmes
4th Degree Black Belt, Karate
3rd Degree Black Belt, Kung Fu

​Two-time All American Grand Champion

Specializing in working with our tournament team, The StriKe Team, Sensei Holmes brings years of experience as a formidable competitor.  In an article written by Benjamin Paris about the S. Henry Cho All American Open, he describes Sensei Holmes.  "Mr. Holmes grabbed an early lead with a roundhouse kick and followed up with a reverse punch counter attack for a 2-0 lead.  Before time ran out, though, Mr. Holmes finished the match with a perfectly-timed charging axe-kick.  Many thought it was the move of the day, partly because of its speed and the height from which it dropped, but also because it was perfectly controlled, scoring a clear point without running any risk of injury.  All day Mr. Holmes used his reach and quickness to present opponents with a tough choice:  If they stayed close, they were vulnerable to Mr. Holmes' attacks.  If they stayed far away, they would be too far away to mount an effective attack.  In the final, Mr. Holmes kept control of the distance before going ahead with a hook kick and hanging on for the victory."

Sensei Holmes brings this world-class level of skill and technical precision to all he does with our students.  In 2016, he came out of "competition retirement" to lead the StriKe Team to a highly successful day, as he earned Grand Champion in the Black Belt Division of Sparring at the Long Island Open.
Sensei Ghazala Amin
Black Belt, Shotokan
Our 2016 AND 2014 "Student of the Year," Sensei Ghazala has gone through all of her martial arts training at Shunato Karate and is the perfect representation of the ideals and quality which Master Peragine has established as the standard.  After her daughter was bullied in school and began taking karate at Shunato, it wasn't long until Ghazala got off the sidelines and onto the mat.

Karate quickly became a way of life for Sensei Ghazala.  She was ever-present in the dojo, taking every class she could.  Her dedication and persistence in training paid her back tenfold.  She earned the nickname "Kata Queen" for her impeccable forms and is a fierce, yet respectful, competitor in sparring.

Sensei Ghazala has become the competitor to beat in the Black Belt Adult Division of the tournament circuit.  As a member of our StriKe Team, in 2015 and 2016 she has earned multiple 1st Place trophies in Weapons, Forms and Sparring. 
Sensei Mason Peragine
Black Belt, Shotokan
Sensei Mason is the youngest son of Master Peragine.  He has been studying Shotokan Karate since age 3 and earned his Black Belt at age 12.  Having been trained by his father, Mason has been held to an exceptionally high level of performance.  He has also been extensively influenced and molded by his study under Sensei Omar Holmes and Sensei Gil Palacio.  

With the confidence, experience and control of a well-seasoned martial artist, Sensei Mason's teaching ability defies his age. Most people who witness his teaching style tend to believe that he is a 30 year old trapped in a teenager's body.  Already having 5 years of teaching experience in every class from Beginner to Black Belt to Kickboxing, 2 seasons as Captain of the StriKe Team (as chosen by Sensei Holmes), and 3 seasons running as Captain & MVP of his ice hockey team, he brings natural leadership, sportsmanship and dedication to all he does.  He serves as a peer level role model to all the younger students and a challenging taskmaster for our adults.  

He is a High Honor Roll student at Baldwin High School and was recently given the "Baldwin Pride" award, being recognized as a leader amongst his peers.  
Sensei Jonathan Abrams
Yondan 4th Degree, Shotokan
Black Belt Yamanni Ryu Kobujutsu (Okinawan Weapons)
​Brown Belt in Judo & Goju
Grand Champion Empire State Challenge 2000
Bronze Medalist 1999 NY State Police Olympics
Recipient Sensei Bill Martinez Award for Martial Arts Excellence 1996
Inducted into UMAA (Long Island Martial Arts Hall of Fame)
Inducted into USMAA (Maryland Martial Arts Hall of Fame)
Has won over 200 tournament trophies

Sensei Abrams is an outstanding competitor who has several decades of teaching experience.  He has tremendous enthusiasm for shaing his knowledge of both the cultural and physical components of martial arts.  He specializes in teaching our Advanced Weapons classes.
Sempai Christian Peragine
Brown Belt, Shotokan
Sempai Christian has been studying Shotokan Karate since he was 5 years old and brings tremendous athleticism to his teaching.  A gentle giant, he is a caring and patient teacher when working with younger students, and an inspiring role model to the more advanced.

As a seasoned competitor, he brings power & speed to the sparring ring, and intensity to kata & board breaking.  He is known for displays of power, having easily crushed through six thick boards at once in a demonstration for our students and their parents.

At the 2016 NY Challenge, he served as Master Peragine's self defense partner, and together they earned both 1st Place and Grand Champion trophies.  In 2017, he has earned multiple 1st Place trophies as self defense partner to many members of our StriKe Team. 
Sensei Gil Palacio
Special Guest Instructor and Judge
Anyone who has experienced a class or test given by Sensei Gil is sure not to forget it!

Sensei Gil holds Black Belts in three separate styles of martial arts, trained in the style of Muay Thai in Thailand, is a US Army Veteran who served in the Special Forces and was a Drill Sergeant responsible for the physical conditioning of the troops.  He holds himself to an incredible standard of performance and expects the same from his students.  

He is kind and generous with his knowledge. He's always willing to demonstrate a faster, more efficient way of doing things regardless as to whether that is a 5 year old beginner just learning to kick properly, or an experienced adult advancing their ground fighting techniques.  

We are honored to have him teach classes, whenever his busy schedule permits, and we thank him for his judging expertise.  He raises the bar for our students to aspire to.

If you ever see him sitting at the judges' table for your promotion test, you'd better bring it!


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