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When we founded Shunato Karate, it was with a vision that our school would be different.  We never believed in the "one size fits all" approach to learning, or that every student would progress at the same speed.  We respect that each individual is looking to fulfill their own needs by way of training in the martial arts, and we are here to help you achieve your goals.  
A child is struggling with attention issues in school.  His teacher says he is distracted and often unorganized.
A working mom finds that between her responsibilities at home and what waits for her at the office, she feels like she's going to snap.
After stopping his training at blue belt when he was a teenager, a dad had always promised himself that one day he'd get back on the mat.
A victim of bullying.  A teenager about to head to college in need of self-defense skills. ANYONE who is looking for a great way to feel better, look better and get through daily life better.

Karate, Kickboxing, Personal Training, Private Lessons, Self-Defense Seminars
We have a class or lesson that can help you. 
Master Kato Peragine
7th Degree Black Belt, Shotokan
​"Instructor of the Year" - Awarded by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
​Recipient "Diamond Lifetime Contributions Award"

​In 1970, Master Peragine began his study under Master Toyotaro Miyazaki at the legendary Tokutai Dojo in Flushing, NY.  He went on to hold championship titles in Kata, Kumite, Weapons and Breaking.

In addition to Shotokan, he has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aiki-Jitsu, Judo, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, grappling, ground fighting, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kempo, traditional and modern weapons and was a Golden Gloves Boxer.   He is a Certified COBRA Self Defense Instructor and has over 40 years of teaching experience.
​He continues to compete and recently took Grand Champion in the NY Challenge, 1st Place Weapons and 1st Place Self Defense.  He also competed at The War on the Shore and took 1st Place Weapons and 1st Place Kata with ALL judges awarding near-perfect scores of 8.99 out of a possible 9.

​He is father to Michael, Joey, Christian, Mason and Natalie.
Sensei Mason Peragine
 Black Belt, Shotokan

​Master Kato's youngest son, Mason, has been training in Shotokan Karate since the age of 2 and earned his Black Belt at age 12.  Having been trained by his father, Mason has been held to an exceptionally high level of performance.  He has also been extensively influenced and molded by his study under Sensei Omar Holmes.

​With the confidence, experience and control of a well-seasoned martial artist, Sensei Mason's teaching ability defies his age.  Most people who witness his teaching style tend to believe that he is a 30 year-old trapped in a teenager's body.  Already having 7 years of teaching experience in every class from Beginner to Black Belt to Kickboxing, 4 seasons as Captain of the Strike Team as chosen by Sensei Holmes, he brings natural leadership, sportsmanship and dedication to all he does, which crosses over into other areas of life.

As a Captain of the Oceanside Ice Hockey Team, Sensei Mason brought the team into Shunato for Monday night off-ice training sessions in preparation for their trip to the state tournament in Niagara Falls.  They completed their historic, undefeated season as New York State Champions.
Sensei Ghazala Amin
Black Belt, Shotokan 

​Sensei Ghazala has gone through all of her martial arts training under Master Kato at Shunato Karate.  After her daughter was bullied in school, Ghazala did a good deal of research in selecting a karate program where her children could learn realistic self defense to help prevent another bullying attack.  It wasn't long  until Ghazala had enough of watching her daughter take class, and decided to get on the mat too.

​Karate quickly became a way of life for Sensei Ghazala.  She was ever-present in the dojo and took every class available to her.  Her dedication and persistence in training paid her back tenfold.  She earned the nickname "Kata Queen" for her impeccable forms and is a fierce, yet respectful, competitor in sparring.

​Sensei Ghazala has become the competitor to beat in the Black Belt Adult division of the tournament circuit.​  She is mother to Ameera and Sameera.
Sensei Omar Holmes
 4th Degree Black Belt, Karate
​3rd Degree Black Belt, Kung Fu
​Blue Belt, Kendo
​Two-time All American Grand Champion

​Sensei Omar has specialized in working with our tournament team, The StriKe Team.  A class with Sensei Omar is something not easily forgotten.  He brings a high level of technical precision, enthusiasm and encouragment to the mat as he works with students of all ages, while challenging you to push past your comfort level and to strive for greatness.

​In 2016, his wife Franchesca serving in the US Army received a new assignment in Hawaii.  Sensei Omar and his family relocated.  It wasn't long before he volunteered his time and started teaching martial arts to the children on base.  "Shunato Military Brats" meets for class several times each week, and Sensei Omar continues to update us on all of his students' progress.
In addition, he remains a consultant to The StriKe Team and a "surprise" judge who may walk in the door at any time.  He is father to Xander and Adreyan.


Sensei Jonathan Abrams

Yondan 4th Degree, Shotokan
Black Belt Yamanni Ryu Kobujutsu
(Okinawan Weapons)
Brown Belt in Judo & Goju

Sensei Abrams is an outstanding competitor who has won over 200 tournament trophies, including Grand Champion of the Empire State Challenge.  He specializes in teaching our Weapons Classes.